Poggio Ridente – the Smiling Hill – is the name of the vineyard on which thrive the vines Barbera and Albarossa, to which we add a three hectares new area of Pinot Noir, Viognier and Riesling. We are on a summit, 491 meters above sea level and because of its’ particular climatic conditions it is called the “Riviera del Monferrato”.
In all, the company has 20 hectares of which 13 hectares are vineyards, surrounded by woods and hedges, all over 450 meters above sea level. The grapes are grown and vinified following bilogical rules.

This biological chain of events lends us towards a horizon even more fascinating, which is our quest to be transformed into a biodynamic farm.  The vineyards are divided in two areas, wich are situated along the opposite sides of Cocconato. They have an excellent sun exposure and we grow them without using chemical products.

In her job,Cecilia is inspired by life quality, one of her most important principles. She also looks for ancient vines in old vineyard to complete her search. Between them, we find Bussanello, a crossing of Furmint and Riesling grapes made by professor Dalmasso. In 2009, we start a new project with a precious wine for us : Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato.We rent an hectares grown in biological way in the area of Viarigi, wich allows us to add the Ruchè «San Marziano».

“In discussions between Luigi, our agronomist and I, we talk about how our family and company can intervene in the vineyard and winery.  I look to my father, who has always upheld past traditions, and I am convinced that today the future is to seize that part of the past that, today has become so innovative. The use of traditional methods then, that are very similar to biodynamics, is an opportunity for this small company to offer an alternative from the bigger wine producers, and allows us to create a charming wine that is the direct expression of the earth from where it was born “ .